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Research data management: An evaluation of Indian research funding agencies’ policies and guidelines

Manu T R1, Gala Bhakti2 1Asst. Libn. Adani Institute of Infrastructure, Ahmedabad - 382421, GujaratIndia 2Asst. Prof. Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar - 382030Gujarat, India Abstract Research funding agencies are a major Research Data Management (RDM) stakeholder along with libraries, researchers, managing bodies of institutions, publishers & government bodies. Globally, research funding agencies are increasingly mandating the sharing of research data generated from funded research projects. Indian research funding agencies are still at the nascent level in identifying the value of research data created by their researchers and making policies in terms of data management, sharing and accessibility. This study has been undertaken to identify the policies, requirements and guidelines related to data management and sharing of the Indian research funding agencies regarding research data generated in funded research. Data was collected from the websites of 73 major research funding agencies in India irrespective of discipline. Information from their stated policies guidelines was extracted to identify references related to data sharing, data management, data policies, Data Management Plan (DMP), data deposit and public access. The study findings indicate that 05 research funding agencies/central ministries, Govt. of India have formal policies and guidelines for RDM and sharing. Further analysis of the policies was conducted to identify the coverage, guidelines and data repository elements included. The study findings help in giving better insights for identifying the gap among the available data policies in India with a special reference to the need for developing more policies and guidelines.



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