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Global publications on Covid-19 and psychology: A scientometric assessment

Grover Sandeep1, Gupta B.M.2 1Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 2Formerly with CSIR-NISTADS, New Delhi, India Abstract The article evaluates the global output on ‘COVID-19 and Psychology’ using bibliometric methods and indicators. The quantitative and qualitative analysis of all the publications in Scopus database was performed using ‘Covid- 19’ and its synonyms keywords in ‘Keyword’ and ‘Title’ tags. The results obtained were further restricted to the subject Psychology under the subject tag. A total of 8205 global publications were identified on the topic of ‘Covid- 19 and Psychology’ in Scopus database, that were cited 63361 times with an average of 7.72 citations per paper. About one-sixth (17.9%) of these publications received external funding support and registered 11.35 citations per paper. The maximum number of publications emerged from the USA, the U.K. and China (2640, 997 and 757 publications), and publications from Canada (16.68 and 2.16), Australia (15.25 and 1.98), U.K. (13.49 and 1.75) received the highest citation per paper and relative citation index. The organisations that produced the highest number of publications were Sapienza University of Rome, Italy (97 papers), University College London, U.K. (95 papers) and King's College London, U.K (91 papers). The organizations with highest citation impact per paper and relative citation index were: Peking University, China (46.46 and 6.02), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA (41.74 and 5.41) and University of Queensland, Australia (39.48 and 5.11). The authors that produced the highest number of publications were G.J. Asmundson (26 papers), S. Grover (22 papers) and S. Taylor (22 papers). The authors who had the highest citation impact per paper and relative citation index were KM. Douglas (137.6 and 17.82), M.M. Paluszek (68.27 and 8.84) and S.K Kar (63.9 and 8.28). The journals that produced the highest number of publications were Frontiers in Psychology (1028 papers), Asian Journal of Psychiatry (324 papers) and the most impactful journals were Nature Human Behavior (52.18), Lancet Child & Adolescent Health (43.68) and Asian Journal of Psychiatry (19.78). The most studied subfields as reflected in keyword frequency were: Mental Health (1187), Anxiety (1176), Depression (881), Mental Disease (408), Distress Syndrome (217), etc. A significant amount ofliterature has emerged on psychological impact of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. Keywords Covid-19, Psychology, India, Bibliometric, Scientometrics.



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