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Webometric analysis of open access repositories of health and medical sciences in the continent of N

Ghosh Sanjib1, Roy Bijan Kumar2 1Research Scholar, DLIS, University of Burdwan, Burdwan, Kolkata, West BengalIndia 2Associate Professor, DLIS, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, West Bengal, India Abstract Evaluating the quantity and quality of information available on the digital repository websites of Health and Medical Sciences in North American continent is a key strategy to ensure the web-based activities of these repositories. A total of 72 open-access digital repositories were identified from Open ROAR and DOAR. Data was collected using the Google search engine. Results indicate that the College of Physicians of Philadelphia Digital Library occupies first place with 10.40% SWIF. The repository of the Rockefeller University i.e. digital commons @ RU ranks first position with 16800 web pages and 30800 in-link web pages and 1.83 in-links WIF. Mouseion at the JAX Library occupies the first rank with a 19.88371 wiser index value followed by the bio Rxiv. This analysis will help the information professionals, researchers to get a clear idea about the qualitative and informative repositories’ websites of this discipline in the continent of North America. Suggests the need to incorporate certain practices to increase their global visibility and web presence. Keywords Digital Repository, Open Access, Open DOAR, Open ROAR, Health, Medical Science, WISER Index, Web Impact Factor.



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