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Publishers of LIS Books in India: A Study

Abstract The study aims to find-out contributions of publishers in India towards the growth of LIS literature, in terms of publications of books. The paper mentions vital role of a publisher as a link between author, book, library and readers. It discusses briefly the nature and functions of publishing. Presents overview of LIS books publishing in India since publication of first book on library science till the end of 2000. Based on an inventory prepared of publishers containing bibliographical details of books published by each, pertaining to the period 2001 to 2010, analysis has been done highlighting ranking of publishers in terms of total number of titles published, city wise distribution of these publishers, publishers preferred by prolific authors etc. Concludes that, with large number of publishers taking interest in publication of LIS books, there is no hurdle for publication of books for present day authors as it prevailed during forties and fifties, when the publishers were hesitant to take up publication of library science books. The prospective authors of today have ample scope to choose the publishers.



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