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Matrimonial (Socio-Economic) Choice and Bradford's Law: A Study

Abstract Marriage acts as foundation of society through social and legal union of men and women. In social marriage socioeconomic choice plays a pivotal role. Among many other sources of disseminating information about marriage matrimonial advertisements in newspapers serves as information sharing communication process in social marriage. In this study socioeconomic choice of 600 each of bride and bridegroom in matrimonial advertisements in two leading Bengali newspapers (Anandabazar Patrika and Bartaman Patrika) were analyzed to check whether the data follow Bradford law of scattering. It is observed from the study that socioeconomic choice of both bride and bridegroom strictly follows Bradford law in the first and second zones but marginally deviates in the third zone. This study may open up new vistas of sociological research in the form of sociobibliometrics.



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