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Internationalisation of library and information science education

Abstract On the recommendation of National Knowledge Commission, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), University Grants Commission (UGC), the universities in India are planning major academic reforms to bring quality in higher education. University Grants Commission, a national apex body responsible for planning, policy making and maintenance of standards in higher education in India has taken a number of measures including introduction of choice based credit system in the university. This system will provide ample opportunities to make a choice from array of subjects offered by the same department and other departments in the campus. The present paper discusses the introduction of choice based credit system in library and information science keeping in view the international trends and developments with regards to its recognition, credit transfer and quality assurance. The paper further discusses the credits, courses and components of Master's course in Library and Information Science based on choice based credit system and introduced in Mizoram University, located in the north-eastern part of India. The authors conclude that the effective implementation of the course depends on proper counselling to the students opting for soft courses and open electives and monitoring at regular interval. The ultimate objective of this system is to bring quality at par with international standard in which the pass out students not only enhance their subject knowledge and learning skills but get international recognition as well.



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