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Growth of ETDs in India: An analytical study of top contributing Universities of Shodhganga

Shodhganga has become one of the most preferred and trusted sources for research works of institutions across India because of its vast availability of ETDs contributed by 130 universities across the country. The present study is based on quantitative measurement of the contributing universities of Shodhganga to identify the major contributing institutions to the repository, language of ETDs contributed, departments that contribute more number of research works and the amount of research work undertaken by the Indian universities in the last decade. Results show that of all the contributing universities, University of Calcutta is the top contributor with 11025 ETDs out of which the university's Department of Science has contributed 2205 ETDs. Shodhganga also contains other language ETDs and majority of VBSPU's contributions are in languages other than English. However the one area in which the repository has to improve is to make availability of year-wise records for all the ETDs.



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