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Enabling Technologies of Access to E-resources: An Overview

Abstract This article is an attempt to explain and summarize the technical functionalities involved in access to e-resources. E-resources such as e-books, e-journals and databases have become preferred choice of users due to their characteristic features. It has become important to understand their structural functionalities in order to exploit them to the fullest. E-resources are required to be embedded with linking tools such as Cross Ref; DOI, DOI-X, Open URL and Link Resolver for maximum outreach and usability. The scholarly content are further disseminated through range of access technology such as Generic password, IP Access, Proxy Server, Virtual Private Network, Athens and Shibboleth Authentication to make them more accessible any time anywhere. Cloud computing based IT infrastructure is yet another promising proposition for libraries delivering services at cost effective operational models with reduced complexity. These components of ICT prove to be crucial tool in providing wider access to e-resources. Appropriate deployment of technical resources can make the move of libraries towards electronic collection sustainable.



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