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Data Repository and Digital Curation for Futuristic Libraries: A Boon for Pragmatic Digital World

The rate of creation of information whether in digital or non-digital format has created a challenge of management and reuse of this information. The digital documents are gaining importance at world level. Thus the term digital curation receiving wider popularity among the community of information managers. This paper aims to explore the emerging interdisciplinary field of digital curation. The paper also focused on recent trends and development in the subject digital curation. It analyses and defines the term digital curation, role of libraries, archive, museums and other organisation involved in heritage management. The article explores some of the major projects, softwares, policies, standards that are being followed worldwide and the organisations engaged in the research in this domain. It concludes that effort needs to be made for the development of globally accepted standards, policies, and infrastructure for the conversion of digital content so that the digital curation skills of researchers and information professionals could be developed. Without achieving this target the existing efforts will merely fulfil the short term digitisation goals only.



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