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Attitude of Junior and Senior Post-primary School Students in Ado-odo/Ota Local Govt. Area of Ogun

Abstract The research focused on the use of libraries by students of post-primary schools in Ado-Ota Local government Area of Ogun State with particular reference to private and public schools. The study was limited to the students in the senior classes. It is inevitable to say that the foundation giving as regards the process of teaching/ learning goes a long way in the formulations of the students both for the now and the future. This study was carried out to investigate if the use of library and its materials contribute in the success that the students achieve? Only one hypothesis was formed to set the pace for this study: “the attitudes and success of Junior and Senior post-primary school students are not significantly influenced by the use of the library” 100 students of the Junior Secondary III who are moving up into the Senior Secondary Class and 100 of the out-going SS III students, which brings a total of 200 students were investigated. Chi-square technique was used as a means of testing the hypotheses at the level of 0.5. Hypothesis was accepted and vital recommen-dations were made.



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