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Koha Web OPAC-Customizing it to Make a Library Portal-A Case Study of Assam University Library

Abstract Koha is one of the most popular open source software worldwide due to its user friendliness, free availability and regular upgradations. Also, the need based customization makes this software more powerful and likable among the librarians as well as the users as with a little knowledge of html script its WebOPAC can be made more interactive and personal. The WebOPAC customization feature of the Koha can be used by the librarians without having much knowledge of the html codes or web page designing. The present paper gives a case study of the WebOPAC of Rabindra Library-Central Library of Assam University. The customization done at the Assam University is totally need based and still complete features and options are not utilized to make it more attractive, however, modification of the WebOPAC is a continuous process and after using more options, the WebOPAC will be made more beautiful and interactive. In this paper an effort has been made to share the experience of Assam University so that other library professionals can customize their WebOPAC and take their library resources to the users’ desktop.



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