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Designing and Development of A Subject Gateway in The Field of Ayurveda

Abstract This paper is an outcome of the study made for designing and development of an Ayurveda subject gateway with a purpose to enlighten and strengthen the knowledge of Ayurvedic people. The paper explains the complete process of creating a Subject Gateway. The Dream Weaver/Ms-Front Page Software/HTML web authoring tools along with Photoshop and Paint software have been also used for modification, sharpening and improving the quality of graphics used in construction of Subject Gateway and PDF Acrobat professional software has been used to convert various file formats into PDF. Present gateway is trying to satisfy the information hunger of the professionals as well as the Scholars of the Ayurvedic People. It is believed that the present gateway is highly authentic and useful with the oceans of information at one place, reduces the burden of Ayurvedic scholars by giving needful links in the present electronic environment with the help of familiar language. This portal will also prove to be an effective means of conveyance and make information handy and accessible. The findings of the study will not only guide librarians and other new comer but also Researchers or other professionals to design and develop Gateway in other disciplines.



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