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Biobibliometric Study of Professor A. S. Paintal: A Celebrated Medical Physiologist

Abstract Prof. A. S. Paintal, is recognized as a towering figure in the field of cardio-respiratory sensory physiology. His 129 publications appeared during 1952–2005 were analyzed to find out year-wise distribution of papers, research team of the scientist and scattering of papers in different communication channels. This study also finds author productivity, spectrum of research activities and productivity of Paintal's research team. Most of the papers of the scientist (N= 86) are noncollaborative. Paintal's first paper was published in1952 at the age of 26. The period 1971–1980, when Paintal was 46–55 years old, was his most productive period (3 papers per year). In the byline of authors his status ranged from first author to sixth author. Paintal's research team comprised 28 collaborators. Asima Anand was the most productive collaborator of the scientist. Most of his papers were published in international journals, and Journal of Physiology (London) was the most preferred journal. Finally, it is seen that the data set does not follow Bradford Law.



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