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User awareness of ict enabled information services: a comparative study of university libraries of D

Jindal Rajni*, Khan Javed**, Roy Projes*** * Research Scholar, Vivekananda College, University of Delhi, 011-22150100, ** Research guide, Department of Library & Information science, Swami Vivekanand Subharti University (SVSU), *** Research co-guide, Librarian, Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for women, University of Delhi, Abstract The authors through this paper aimed to compare the user awareness of ICT enabled information services of university libraries Delhi & NCR (National Capital Region). The universities covered in the study are central and deemed universities of Delhi and NCR, selected from NIRF 2017 of MHRD. The in-depth review of literature helped in preparing the tools for the study. Content analysis of websites of university libraries helped to find out the ICT enabled information services being facilitated by the universities under study. The survey using a structured questionnaire helped in the collection of users data. Out of the many ICT enabled information services facilitated by the selected libraries, only five ICT enabled information services were selected through content analysis of websites. The five selected services were used to compare user awareness. The authors collected data into two categories, which were 'Aware' & 'Not aware'. The Google spreadsheet was used as a statistical tool to analyse data and represent it pictorially. The study findings revealed that a higher number of percentage of users of deemed university libraries (84.80%) are aware of the selected information services in comparison to (69.88%) users of central universities. In the category of 'not aware', the higher percentage of responses (30.12%) are from central universities in comparison to deemed universities (15.20%). It highlights that users of central university libraries are less aware of the ICT enabled information services. These are lagging behind in making their users aware in comparison to deemed university libraries by a margin of (14.92%). The scenario needs to be addressed by central university libraries. Keywords Central universities, Deemed universities, Information services, User awareness, Online databases, Interlibrary loan, OPAC, Current awareness service, User orientation and education, Marketing.



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