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Use of E-resources in The Parliament Library of India: A Study

Joshi Taruna1, Singh Jnanendra Narayan2, Jagriti* 1Librarian, Ramjas College, University of Delhi, Delhi, 110007, Email: 2Librarian, Dyal Singh (E) College, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, 110003. Email: *Email: Abstract Parliamentary libraries serve parliamentary institutions on a national or local level. The Parliament Library of India was established in 1921. E-Directories, E-Reports, E-Databases, Documentation, E-books, E-Audio books, and E-Journals are the eresources subscribed by the Parliament Library of India. This survey focuses on the use of electronic resources of the Parliament by the Members of Parliament (MPs) and staff members. It was found that the e-resources are extensively used as part of the daily work by MPs and staff. But there are a number of obstacles to using eresources. Survey results greatly assist in gaining a better understanding of users’ awareness, usage, and preferences regarding e-resources. E-resources which are used most should continue to be purchased and those which are not used much should be dropped.



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