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Trends in Information Resources and Need for Rethinking in Professionals Preparedness: A Case Study

Abstract The emergence of electronic information resources has led to an increased demand on libraries to deliver more in terms of services and products, and to do so faster the enhanced services offered by libraries have raised the expectations of patrons. Technologically sophisticated patrons are frequently knowledgeable about the new resource and their capabilities, often well before a library's staff. The versatility offered by electronic resources may also lead patrons to have unrealistic expectation about what technology can provide. The proliferation of electronic resources demanding professionals to assume greater responsibility far keeping pace with technology. As the library become the provider of information in a variety of formats, it is essential that librarians should know how to use the new technology required to access the information in those new formats particularly when that technology has been available to patrons whom the librarian may very well need to assist. This article is an attempt to explore some of the conceptual and theoretical issues raised by the proliferation of electronic resources and also highlights the importance of Collection Development, Consortia and the Role of Library professionals.



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