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Study of Ergonomic Conditions in Iranian Libraries and Their Relationship with Demographic Factor

Abstract Proper conditions for safe and comfortable work and the lack of inappropriate for factors are important for providing physical and mental health of librarians and improvement of efficiency of libraries. Factors such as lack of education, mental and physical disabilities, and professionals’ ignorance prevent them from observing the ergonomic principles. This study aims at investigating the ergonomic conditions for librarians in libraries of the University of Isfahan and the relationship of these conditions with demographic factors, to achieve maximum efficiency. The checklist of ergonomic standards and principles was delivered to all library staff of the University of Isfahan (61 persons) in 2010. The results showed that librarians of the University are not working in good ergonomic conditions. Based on the findings, there is a relationship between gender and health factors and infringe benefits; years in service and health factors; and organizational rank and the work place, equipments, health factors, personal safety tools, and infringe benefits, whereas no relationship was found between ergonomic conditions and educational level, academic major and age. The study provides valuable results concerning ergonomic conditions in libraries of University of Isfahan and their relationship with demographic factors. It is proposed that managers and especially librarians should observe the ergonomic principles in libraries, as the academic libraries are information centres which play an important role in development and growth of societies.



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