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State of Primary School Libraries in Uttar Pradesh: A Study of Azamgarh District

Abstract Even after 63 years of independence the condition of primary school libraries in the country remains highly neglected. Primary schools in city suburbs and rural areas are running without any libraries. The situation of primary school libraries in Uttar Pradesh is among the worst in the country. There is no consistency in the growth and development of primary school libraries in Uttar Pradesh. This shows that the State Education Department has not given due importance and priority to the development of libraries at primary school level. The study emphasizes the role of libraries in primary school education and highlights the problems faced by school libraries. The study highlights the recommendations and/or suggestions contained in reports of different Committees, Commissions, Working Groups, Seminars in this regard, particularly in primary school libraries. This study investigates existing state of primary school libraries in Uttar Pradesh with reference to District Azamgarh by using the questionnaire method and finds out the existing state of collection, analyses problems using tables, and finally ends with valuable suggestions. The study shows that proper library policy, book selection methods and library hours are not followed in primary schools selected for the study. In primary schools, usually some teachers are entrusted with the additional duties of a librarian. Under these circumstances, almost all the primary school libraries fail to develop good reading habits among children. The study concludes that the purpose of primary school libraries is identical with the purpose of the primary school education, and this realization needs yet to be understood in our country.



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