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Sociologists’ Perception of Librarians

Abstract Describes a study investigating the perception of Indian sociologists of their institution's librarian. The survey was conducted during the 27th All India Sociology Conference at Amritsar (India). The librarian was found to be quite visible among user community, as 82.6% respondents personally knew their institution's librarian. 67.07% considered him a part of the faculty, while 15.85% viewed him as their professional colleague. 89% found him pleasant & enthusiastic and 83.7% sought his assistance for research and teaching activities. For more than 70% respondents, the librarian was effective in solving their problems. However, only 43.5% considered him partially or fully up-to-date in the use of IT. Although the perception of male and female sociologists does not differ significantly, but there is a significant difference in the perception of professors, reader/associate professors, lecturer/assistant professors, researchers, and those working in other type of institutions.



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