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Security and Protection Status: The Case of The Central Libraries of State Universities in Tehran

Abstract From the early history of libraries, security and protection have been critical issues of permanence. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the status of security and protection of central libraries of state universities in Tehran. The survey population consisted of all of the central libraries of state universities in Tehran. Using a random sampling method, 4 central libraries in Tehran, Alzahra, Tarbiat Modares and Kharazmi universities were selected. The survey method was descriptive. Interview and an author-made checklist were used as the instruments. The results showed that central library of Kharazmi University had the lowest level of security and protection. The status of the central library of Alzahra was the best followed by those of Tarbiat Modares and Tehran universities. The main and common problem of the studied libraries was lack of a well-written policy and instruction for the security and protection issues. The study recommends that the security and protection policies of these libraries must be thoroughly revised.



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