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Scientometric portrait of Professor CNR Rao using bibliometrix R package

Abstract The study reveals a long research experiences of Professor CNR Rao. In his 85 years of life and research experiences, he published 1648 articles, which are indexed in Scopus database during 1956-2019 with average citation per paper is 52.01. But, he might have published a few hundred more papers, which are not indexed in Scopus are not considered in this study for analysis. A collaboration co-authorship and co-occurrences networks of the author were built using Bibliometrix R Package. Author co-citation network, co-authorship and authors’ coupling were built using R Package. The major findings of the study show that the highest collaboration happened with the USA and UK, France, Canada and Japan. The result shows that he collaborated with 1156 unique authors from various countries with co-authors per document is 3.81 and collaborative index is 0.73. Rao is having 1,19,169 citations from Google Scholar with h-index (156) and i10-index (1325). The result shows that CNR Rao preferred to communicate most of his papers to the Chemical Physics Letters, Journals of Solid State Chemistry, Solid State Communications, Journal of Materials Chemistry etc. Keywords Scientometrics profile, CNR RaoR ProgrammingBibliometrixCo-authorshipCo-occurrences analysisAuthors’couplingCollaboration network.



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