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School System in the University of Kerala: A proposal for Reorienting the Department Libraries

Abstract This paper attempts to make a proposal for reorienting the department libraries in the light of the proposed school system in the teaching departments by the Syndicate of the University of Kerala. The main objectives of the study are to make an in-depth analysis of the resources, organizational pattern, information services and products with respect to each teaching school and to provide suggestions for the establishment of teaching school libraries in the University of Kerala. The data for the study are collected from the department librarians through interview supported by a well structured interview schedule. The analysis is done by grouping the department libraries under the proposed 11 schools using tabular arrangement and statistical techniques. The study found that each department library has sound collection and resources with different organizational systems managed by well qualified library professionals. The study proposed a uniform system of organization and automation for the department libraries for the establishment of one central library for each school working in two shifts by pooling the resources of the concerned department libraries.



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