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Reader’s Services in IIT Libraries (India): A Comparative Study.

Library Herald

Year: 1999, Volume: 37, Issue: 3

First page: (167) last page: (185)

Print ISSN: 0024-2292

Reader’s Services in IIT Libraries (India): A Comparative Study.

Dr ( Mrs) S P SINGH*

*Head, Department of Library and Information Science, Tutorial Building, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007 (India)


General information on five Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), covering their background has been provided. Methodology used for gathering the data has been described. Services provided by these libraries have been compared. These services include lending, Inter-Library Loan (ILL), reference, bibliographical, Current Awareness (CAS), Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), Indexing/ Abstracting (I/A), Press clipping, reprographic, translation and document tracing facility. User’s assessment about usefulness of these services has also been given. Computer application with reference to availability of different kinds of hardware, software, application for various house-keeping jobs and reader's services has been discussed.

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