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Quantum cloud computing-a scientometric assessment of global research for the period 1999–2020

Dhawan S.M.1, Gupta B.M.2, Kumar Ashok3, Bansal Jivesh4 1Formerly with CSIR-NPL, New Delhi11012 2Formerly with CSIR-NISTADS, New Delhi11012 3Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Mullana-Ambala, Haryana133207 4Panjab University, Central Library, Chandigarh Abstract The study provides a quantitative and qualitative description of global quantum cloud computing research for the period 2000–2019, using metrics. The data for the study was sourced from Scopus database. During the period, the global research output in the subject totalled 459 publications, registered 39.63% annual average growth rate and 19.85 citations per paper. In addition, the study provides the distribution of global research output by country of publication, lists the top 10 most productive countries in the subject, identifies the leading research organizations as well as leading contributing authors in the subject. The study also provides the distribution of research output by major disciplines in order to bring out the most sought areas of research in quantum cloud computing. The study also identifies the most popular source journals in the subject. IEEE Access (10 papers), Physical Review Letters (6 papers) and Nature (4 papers) were found to be the most productive journals. Information Sciences, Science and Physical Review Letters were found to be the most impactful journals. Keywords Quantum cloud computing, Quantum technology, Cloud computing, Global publications, Scientometrics, Bibliometrics.



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