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MLIS Dissertation Practices in Selected Indian Universities: A Survey

Abstract The study is based on the survey conducted of the MLIS Dissertation practices in 15 Indian universities. A five part questionnaire was developed and sent to 29 universities, out of which 17 universities responded to the questionnaires. The analysis of data reveals great variations in the practices being followed in selection and allotment of topics, methodology for preparation and presentation, system of evaluation and assessment of dissertations and Viva-voce examination (where associated with the evaluation of dissertations). There is a consensus among universities to treat Dissertation, as an integral part of MLIS syllabus in all universities and it must be made compulsory in Universities where it is elective at present. Recommends avoidance of duplication in selection of topics and suggests creation of database of Dissertations submitted in LIS schools in a city at local level and bibliographical control of MLIS Dissertations at National level; evolving of suitable policy for allowing students to prepare and submit dissertations in regional languages, where MLIS education is being imparted in such languages. It is also recommended that some standardization may be achieved in the matter of evaluation system for Dissertations. Some guidelines by bodies like UGC, are considered necessary in this regard.



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