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LIS Education in India: Challenges For Students and Professionals in The Digital Age

Abstract The paper deals with the Library and Information Science (LIS) education and LIS professionals in India. Currently both the traditional libraries and the digital libraries coexist in India. LIS education in India has not become receptive to the new emerging situation. The library schools have failed to develop the required knowledge and skills relating to the use of information technology among students. As a result, the graduates from the LIS departments have little competitive potential in the information market. The paper discusses the challenges in LIS education in the Indian context. It deals with preparing LIS graduates for leadership and management roles to support national and economic development in India, as well as the collaboration and resource sharing among LIS schools. It also discusses the recent emphasis given on e-learning in LIS education in India, the impact of LIS education on the work and career of graduates, the job market for LIS professionals, competencies needed and continuing professional development of LIS professionals.



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