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Library Profession at Cross Roads: Challenges Before Library Associations in India

Abstract Narrates his 46 year old relationship with Prof. Kaula and formation of Prof. Kaula Endowment. States in brief the crisis and challenges before library profession. Informs that library associations have rarely been made the subject of study and research. Preparing libraries and library workers is a challenging task for library associations in the new techno-savvy and user oriented environment. Opines that Queen's Batten was left unguarded since 1970s (Ranganathan died in 1972). Under the influence of pseudo Librarians/LIS Teachers, the profession as a whole and the Institutions of national/international importance, have lost their sheen. Makes a brief note on the work done by early library associations in India. Enlists certain common missions/mottos/objectives of library associations. Demands from the profession to honour the maxim SANGHE SHAKTI KALIYUGE. Draws support form the story of “kabootar and bahelia’ from old classic Panchtantra. Discusses the strengths and achievements of DLA. Predicts the future image of library associations and librarianship and emphasizes on the need to develop, expand and enhance professional competency and the status of library workers. Highlights some observations and provides some suggestions, such as, visualization of concept of ‘Chartered Librarians’ as a new vista for librarianship, and ‘SLISS’ for school libraries. Recommends to responsible office bearers of the associations to ‘introspect’ with objectivity like viewing a mirror. Provides Appendix-1 (Anecdotes from life and career of Prof. P.N.Kaula,and Appendix-2 (List of some select library associations in India and other countries).



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