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Libraries’ Role in National Development

Abstract National Development itself includes whole array of Human Activities be they social, economic, commercial. industrial, educational, professional, political, cultural, and others. Out of the three Ms of Money, Material, and Man, the development and harnessing of manpower i.e.. Human Resources is most crucial as they are the driving force behind any activity. As such their all round development has been in the focus of the Governments of the day globally. To achieve this goal the governments at all level create necessary infrastructure by way of schools, colleges, universities, research laboratories and support them with necessary Library and Information support centers equipped with up-to-date information resources in different kinds and types of medias such as print, digital, electronic with 24x7 Internet connectivity with the required bandwidth. For example UGC Infonet Digital Library Consortium is facilitating 159 universities to have access to 5584 full text corejournals in different subject fields through 19 website besides giving bibliographic access to 9 other websites. In order to assess the impact of LIes their resources, their services; their personnel-number-level of education and training - skill competencies, depth of subject knowledge - ease in handling different subject databases - familiarity with major search engines - work culture - user friendliness need to be looked into.



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