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Libraries on The Clouds: A New Wave of Technology

Abstract Emergence of Internet in 1990s has changed the total scenario of librarianship as it has given a huge scope for collaboration among various institutions and libraries. Due to this, libraries instead of depending totally on their own resources have started accessing networks or consortia for utilization of wide range of resources available therein at divided cost. With the ongoing developments, we are in a phase where new technologies such as Cloud Computing are coming and becoming popular to strives and democratize computing power. With this background, the lecture focuses on suitability of cloud computing in libraries and how Cloud Computing based services can be used by libraries. India is becoming economically self sufficient with adequate technology and skills to adopt this technology to enable libraries to offer innovative services by maintaining better control over the applications and data centres. In this competitive environment, libraries are required to focus and avail the advantages of cloud computing to offer user-centered multi-level services to enable them to become self supportive in seeking their information with greater level of confidence as well as satisfaction.



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