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Level of Information Technology (IT) Application in University Libraries

Library Herald

Year: 2001, Volume: 39, Issue: 1&2

First page: (1) last page: (14)

Print ISSN: 0024-2292

Level of information technology (IT) application in university libraries


*Lecturer, Department of Library and Information Science, Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran, E-mail:


The paper examines the level of IT applications in University libraries in Iran. As a background, an attempt has been made to present current status of IT application in libraries. In this study, the whole population of 79 University libraries under the jurisdiction of two ministries-Culture and Higher Education (MCHE) and Health. Treatment and Medical Education (HTME)- was surveyed. The significant difference between the level of IT application in two library groups i.e MCHE and HTME and the relationship between the level of IT application and the no. of computers in use and the annual expenditure on IT have also been discussed. The Paper concludes that the Automation of Iranian University Libraries is a continuous exercise.



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