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JALNET (Jalgaon Library Network): An Online Library Information System

Abstract Information plays an important role everywhere in different fields. ‘Library’ is one of the places where such lots of information reside. But there are several problems that may arise while accessing available resources of library using traditional way or approach. In the age of Information Technology, by applying IT in libraries the way by which resources can be accessed gets simplified. In short, there is formation of Virtual Library. And this phenomenon has resulted into sharing of resources by many users from any where in the world, also reduction in cost due to easy access of resources and increase in the convenience of users. The database maintained by virtual library can be accessed globally by everybody irrespective of geographical boundaries. In what follows, there is explanation of one of such design for network called as JALINET, Jalgaon Library Network and reveals how the libraries are worth to use the new concept of information technology to cater the needs of information seekers and how it is one of the channels to receive useful information.



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