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Internet-based Information Seeking Behaviour and Utilisation by Doctors at Federal Medical Centre

Abstract The paper surveys the Internet-based information seeking behaviour and utilisation by doctors in Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. A structured questionnaire was designed to elicit the desired information. One hundred and fifty (150) copies of the questionnaire were administered to the doctors with the cooperation and assistance of the librarians at the centre. Ninety eight (98) copies of the questionnaires were completed, returned and used for this study, which represents (65.3% percent) response rate. The findings revealed that nearly all the doctors have access to the Internet, know how to use it and it affords them the opportunity of applying ideas gained from the use of Internet-based information to improve their work activities. The findings also reported inadequate infrastructure to support Internet information resources utilization. The study therefore recommended that hospital management should endeaviour to overhaul their infrastructural facilities as this will motivate doctors to utilize bulks of knowledge emanating from the Internet.



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