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Insights into the Library: Professional Competencies, Responsibilities of Today's Librarians

Library Herald Year : 2010, Volume : 48, Issue : 2 First page : ( 116) Last page : ( 122) Print ISSN : 0024-2292. Insights into the Library: Professional Competencies, Responsibilities and Interpersonal Skills of Today's Librarians

Rahman Ziaur1, Assistant Professor, Nausheen Sabahat2, Lecturer 1Department of Library Science, Assam University, Silchar, 788 011, Assam, India, E-mail: 2Department of Library and Information Science, North Bengal University, Raja Rammohunpur, Darjeeling, 734 013, West Bengal, India, E-mail:

Abstract To help manage the uncertainty has become an enduring aspect of the today's professional environment. In librarianship and information services we are going through a radical redefinition of the task and nature of work where the interpersonal relations, the challenges, the conflicts, and strains that are involved require for good peer relationship. This paper is aimed at examination of generic human aspects of library and information work in this conjecture. The paper focuses on to explore the role of individuals to interact effectively with each other to bring collegiality in work place. It deals briefly the behavioral competencies, the core professional competencies and the interpersonal skills of the workers specially the librarians. The paper briefly mentions the library curricula and the workplace etiquette for healthy work place environment in the library.

Keywords Behavioral Competencies, Core Competencies, Library School Curricula, Interpersonal Skills, Workplace Etiquette, Management Fad, Md. Rahman Ziaur, Nausheen Sabahat.



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