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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy among the Staff of BHU Library System

Abstract Indian University Libraries are now focusing their attention on the inevitable impact of ICT on their operations, in an effort to keep pace with developments in education, information and communication technology around the world. This study is a part of those worldwide developments, in which it tries to reveal the state of ICT literacy among staff of Banaras Hindu University Library System ranging from professionals, semiprofessionals and non-professionals. In this study questionnaire method is followed. At present there are 41 professional, 88 semi professional and 67 non professional staff working in BHU Library system. Out of 41 professional staff, 22 (53.65%) staff are ICT literate and only 19 (46.34%) staff are ICT illiterate. Out of 88 semi professional staff, only 34 (38.63%) staff are ICT literate and 54 (61.36%) are ICT illiterate and out of 57 non professional staff, only 20 (28.86%) staff are ICT literate and 47 (70.14%) staff are illiterate. The conclusion of the case study is that Professional, semi professional and non professional staff of BHU library system should acquire an enhanced level of ICT literacy: Both training and adequate ICT infrastructure.



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