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Indian Contributions to Scholarly Publications on Environment and Ecology-A Bibliometric Study

Abstract The study aims to map environment and ecology literature published by Indian researchers during 2001 to 2014. The dataset was obtained from Scopus, accessible at: The study revealed that 160 countries contributed papers in the area of study. India was ranked 10. Indian authors published 11447 papers which have been published in 160 journals. These papers have been cited 152696 times till December 31, 2015. The average citation per publication is ∼13.3. During fourteen years of the study period, papers were published with an average of ∼13.3 papers in 160 journals. Twenty-one most productive journals published 3313 (28.9%) of the literature with an average ∼157.7 papers per journal. The study found that ‘Environmental Monitoring and Assessment’ has published the highest number of papers, 495 (4.3%), and these papers received 5891 (3.9%) citations. Indian authors’ highest collaboration has been with United States 912 (8.0%), followed by United Kingdom 389 (3.4%). Top 16 institutions produced collectively 2854 (24.9%) papers. Remaining 144 institutions published 8493 (75.1%) papers. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi published the highest number of papers, 335 (2.9%), and attracted 6737 (4.4%) citations. Relative citations impact of Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology and Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur) (∼2.1) has been highest. Ravindranath, N.H. from Indian Institute of Science has published the highest number of papers, 41 (0.4%).



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