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India’s One Nation One Subscription (ONOS) Policy: Impact on Journal Access and the Sustainability o

Library Herald Year : 2023, Volume : 61, Issue : 2 First page : ( 1) Last page : ( 14) Print ISSN : 0024-2292. Online ISSN : 0976-2469. Article DOI : 10.5958/0976-2469.2023.00010.6

India’s One Nation One Subscription (ONOS) Policy: Impact on Journal Access and the Sustainability of Library Consortia

Chari Sharabu Nagaraja1, Nagaiah G. Venkata2 1Deputy Director, Indian Council of Social Science Research, Delhi., 2Assistant Librarian, Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad, Abstract Nevertheless of their geography or socioeconomic background, all Indian residents will have access to academic publications and research papers through the government of India’s One Nation One Subscription (ONOS) policy. In accordance with this strategy, the government will bargain with academic publishers and other interested stakeholders to make academic resources accessible to all at a reasonable price. On the other hand, the implementation of the ONOS policy might have an effect on the endurance of library consortia, groups of libraries that collaborate to give their members accesstoacademic resources. The ONOS policy might lower the need for library consortia since some people and organisations would prefer to buy scholarly publications directly from the publishers as rather than going through a consortium. Including the government in negotiations with publishers may also result in lower subscription costs for library consortia, enhancing their long-term viability. The ONOS policy has the potential to dramatically increase access to scholarly materials in India, but it is yet too early to tell how it will affect the viability of library consortiums. Keywords ONOS, Library Consortia, Journals, Open Access, Research Output, India, Library Subscriptions.



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