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Generation to generation: exploring and describing the social diversity and dynamics

Abstract Alumni are the reflection of its past, representation of the present, a link to the future, and keep alive the image of the school, college, or department to which they belong. It is true that alumni are the real image builders of the institutions and therefore, the establishment of an Alumni and hosting of the Alumni meet is not only a matter of big pride for the institutions but is a landmark event in the life cycle of the institution. The present study is an outcome of the 'First Alumni Meet-2020' of the Department organised by the author which was attended by more than 500 alumni of the Department from first batch student (1947-48) to current batch (2019-2020). The study discusses the various social dimensions and relationships of 51 pairs of alumni of the Department from its first batch (1948-2020) to current batch such as father to son, father to daughter, mother to daughter, brother to brother, brother to sister, sister to sister, twin to a twin, uncle to nephew and niece and one of the beautiful alliance among the alumni later turned into a beautiful relationship i.e. becoming of spouse leading to a happy and prosperous life. Data was collected, and evaluated from the 'DLIS-Alumni Database (19482007). The relationship among alumni was determined with the help of personal contacts with alumni under study and the senior teachers in the Department.



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