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Exploring Library and Information Science Professionals’ Responses to Knowledge Management

Abstract Knowledge management is no more a buzzword among academic fraternities and in academic institutes. With the corporate world leveraging the benefits of knowledge management, academic institutes are not far behind. This is an attempt to figure out the current scenario of higher educational libraries and use of knowledge management in Bhubaneswar, to identify their growth stage, awareness level and scope of implementation. So, the main purpose of the study is to find out the knowledge management awareness among library and information science professionals and best practices in higher educational institutions of Bhubaneswar, Odisha. What tools are being used to manage their knowledge resources in their respective institute and how they are assisting their parent organization in fulfilling their motto of better education? In total 38 library staffs, from different higher educational institutions of city, have participated in this web survey research. Although most LIS professionals in managerial level and executive level are aware of Knowledge management, they find it difficult to implement due to lack of effort from individual, team and the organization.



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