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Expanded Schedule for Area Tables in Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC-23)

Abstract The basic aim of the study is to design and develop a expanded schedule of Area Tables for Indian states keeping in view DDC does not provide the comprehensive coverage for Indian states and districts. The schedule provides more than seven hundred (700) entries pertaining to all Indian states, union territories and its districts. In addition, schedule also provides numbers for places of religious, historical and tourists’ significance such as Ajanta and Elora, Amarkantak, Amarnath, Bedhaghat, Bhilai, Bodh Gaya, Vrindavan, Dhariwal, Dwarka, Gangtok, Gulmargh, Kaziranga, Khajuraho, Konark, Mount Abu, Mussooriee, Ooty, Pahalgam, Sarnath, Shantiniketan, Shillong, Shirdi, Surajkund, Srirangapatnam, Tirupati, Vaishnodevi, etc. The data for the newly formed states, districts and famous places of religious, tourists have been taken from the Indian government documents and websites. For maintaining the uniformity and consistency, the Areas Table numbers of the famous places are entered according to the principles as laid down in the DDC-23. Gap device has also been applied for future expension. The researcher firmly believes that this study not only serves as a tool to provide the solution to find expanded Areas Tables of India but also make aware the world communities about the states, districts and famous places of India.



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