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Effect of Information Literacy (IL) Group Training on Information Seeking Behaviour (ISB)

Asemi Asefeh1,*, Assistant Professor, Riahinia Nosrat1, Assistant Professor, Beni Ali Alibeigi2,** 1Department of Library and Information Science, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran. 2Department of Law, University of Malaya, Malaysia *E-mail: **Corresponding Author. Abstract Purpose: The main purpose of present research is to compare the effects of IL group training on ISB of postgraduate students at University of Isfahan (UI), Isfahan, Iran. Design/methodology/approach: Purposing to approach this goal, 30 students of UI were selected through voluntary sampling, and then randomly divided into two groups (one as experimental and one as control). The experimental groups were separately under IL training for a period of 6 sessions. The instruments of the research were Information Literacy Test (ILT) and Choo and colleagues’ Model of Information Seeking Behaviors on Web which their reliability and validity confirmed.



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