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Development of Digital Library by Using GSDL in Library 2.0 Environment: A Practical Approach

Abstract For the development of a digital library, the pre-requisite factor is installation of the required software. There is great hesitation and doubt among the library professionals about the steps and procedures for the successful running of the same. The main purpose of this paper is to explore a practical guide for the development of digital library along with the installation of the required software. For the development of a digital library, the information bearing objects are available freely from the publicly indexable World Wide Web by utilizing freeware like Apache as web server, PERL packages and modules and GSDL as digital library software. Paper also traces out the application of Dublin Core Metadata Elements Set (DCMES) for resource description and resource discovery in distributed information environment. Libraries of all kinds may follow the procedures as suggested in the study along with the software and they can easily and simply develop their digital library in a cost effective manner. The study may be extended to design value added e-Info services accessible through web and as datasets on CD ROM and it is as good as demonstration of entire steps of digital library development.



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