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Determining the Information Literacy Competence (ILC) of MA students in Tarbiat Moallem University

Abstract The main goal of the study was to determine Information Literacy Competency (ILC) of MA students in Tarbiat Moallem University in Iran. The study implemented a descriptive analytical method. The study tool was a researcher design questionnaire. All M.A. students in Faculty of Education and Psychology were selected as statistical population for the study (n=145). The results showed that the students’ ILC mean for recognizing their information need was 3.65, for bridging previous knowledge with the current obtained information 3.39, for being acquainted with information resources and databases 2.7, for information search strategy 3.05, for information retrieving 2.87, for information evaluation and assessing 3.02, for organizing information 2.97, and finally for managing citations 3.06.The research reported studied students’ ILC status as 3.22 which is higher than the average. Overall, the ILC status is reasonable and it seems that students could handle their scientific needs. Nonetheless, the studied students are far beyond the optimum status desired by the university authorities.



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