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Comparative study on the effectiveness of two methods of Problem-Solving and bibliotherapy training

Method The study was designed using a quasi-experimental method and a pretestpost test design with a control group. The statistical population of the study was female undergraduate students of Kharazmi University in the second semester of the academic year 1995–96. The tool used in this research is Social Problem-Solving Inventory-Revised (SPSI-R). For sampling, prepared questionnaire was distributed among female students of Kharazmi University, Tehran Iran and the screening method of those who scored lower than the average was randomly divided into 3 groups (two groups of problem-solving and bibliotherapy and one control group) of 20 students. For each experimental group, six training sessions were held. Independent t-test, covariance analysis and post hoc tests were used to analyze the data in addition to descriptive statistics.



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