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Community outreach and inclusive programmes in library: Stakeholder feedback

Singh Ch. Ibohal1, Singh Ngangbam Tezeeb2 1Associate Professor and Head, Department of Library & Information Science, Manipur University, Canchipur, Imphal-795003, ORCID ID:, E-mail: Mobile No. +91-9436033910 2Research Scholar (UGC-NET), Department of Library & Information Science, Manipur University, Canchipur, Imphal-795003, ORCID ID:, E-mail: Mobile No. +91-9774685904 Abstract The purpose of the study is to assess and analyse the feedback of the stakeholders on their participation in various community outreach and inclusive programmes in library. The study has been confined to the community living in Bishnupur District of Manipur State. The same has also been studied based on the programmes conducted during the National Library Week Celebration, 14–20 November, 2017.The feedback of the stakeholders has been analysed. Department of Library and Information Science, Manipur University, Imphal conducted National Library Week during 14–20 November, 2017 under the theme “Role of Library in Quality Education”. As a part of the week, different library related programmes were carried out at Kumbi College, Bishnupur District, Manipur. Deliberation of keynote address, distribution of resource materials, conduct of extempore speech competitions, interactions with the resource persons by the participants who are stakeholders of the programmes, collection of duly filled in feedback forms from them, etc. were the main events that took place during the programme. The feedback so collected are analysed using simple mathematical techniques and presented through tables, charts, etc for empirical interpretation. Feedback of stakeholders shows that 74.29% of them are familiar with the National Library Week and with 43.8% of them rated the celebration “Very Good”. They considered the resource materials provided to them and contents of the topics also very good and useful. Understanding the significance of the celebration, they also expressed views and other comments for further overall improvement of the programmes which are useful for the service providers in the field. The study is first of such kind in the region. No other scholars have worked on such issue. The findings of the study reveal new vistas in the field of librarianship in the area of community outreach and inclusive programmes. Keywords Community Outreach, Inclusive programme, National Library Week, Library related programme, Feedbacks.



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