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Characterises of Top-Cited 500 Articles on Covid-19

Basavaraj S.1, Kolle Shankar Reddy2, Satish M.V.3, Gaddimani Prabhu4 1Government First Grade College, Shahapur, Karnataka State 2Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh 3Government Engineering College, Hassan, Karnataka State 4Sir Dorabji Tata Memorial Library, TISS, Mumbai Abstract Highly cited articles are considered to be extraordinary works and contribute to the development of topics. To identify the characteristics of top-cited 500 articles on COVID 19 the Scopus database was searched and the top-cited 500 articles were identified. Further, an analysis was done to identify the most contributing journals, authors, countries, and prolific authors. Further investigation was done to identify the top-cited ten articles characteristics and most frequently appeared author-supplied keyword. Majority of the articles were contributed by China, USA and the United Kingdom. Wang, Y has contributed the highest numbers of top-cited articles on COVID 19. New England Journal of Medicine is the productive journal and majority of the articles were contributed by multiple authors. A large portion of the articles were concerned with COVID treatment, medicine, and psychological problems faced during COVID 19.



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