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Bibliography Usage and Practice: A Study through Tehran's Academic Counselling Centres

Abstract Bibliotherapy currently has played an important role in a variety education and counselling areas such as family counselling, social skills development and the curriculum planning for gifted as well as helping children coping with relationships and embarking on career paths. The present survey studies the bibliotherapy usage and practice in Tehran's Academic Counselling Centres and tries to get in on counsellors’ ploys in dealing with bibliotherapy treatment. For that exploration, a descriptive survey performed and for data gathering a questionnaire designed and carried out. The population includes all academic counselling in Tehran, in which 4 centres have been choosen by random as following: (1) Tarbiat Moalem University Counselling Centre; (2) Shahid Beheshti University Counselling Centre; (3) Tehran University Counselling Center and (4) Alzahra University Counsellng Centre. Assessments and analyses were conducted via a self-designed questionnaire. Results of the present study confirmed bibliotherapy usage as an adjunctive method of treatment dealing with social disasters including divorce, family disorders, and low depression, and also suggests that librarians can play an active part in bibliotherapy.



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