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Awareness and Use of Digital Resources in the Libraries of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

Abstract The present survey investigates the relationships between awareness and use of digital resources among students in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. To carry out the survey a questionnaire was designed for collecting data. Results indicate that 70% of students are aware of digital resources available in university database, but 69% of them do well to using the resources. 62% are aware of offline databases whereas, only about 19% used them through Central Library (CL) LAN Network. About 70% are aware of online databases accessible via Central Library website and about 53% of respondents have used them as well. 64% are aware of “Central Library Books & Journals Database” whereas more than half of them i.e. 54% have referred to mentioned database. 87.2% of students feel that the available digital resources meet their information needs. Concludely, students aqre less eager to use omine databases, attributed to factors such as infrequent periodic orientation and lack of education on use of offline databases and limited number of terminals connected to the center in CL. Users are facing some problems like low speed connectivity and shortage of inadequate hardware facilities



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