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A Study of Internet Usage by Students and Faculties in Kuvempu University

Abstract The study presents the results of user studies of Internet usage among students and faculties conducted at Kuvempu University. The results focus on the use of Internet, factors influenced on Internet use, amount of time spent on the Internet use, purpose & place of Internet use, methods of learning internet skills and also to know demerits of Internet sources and services. It reveals that majority of faculties (96%) and students (76%) exposed to Internet use. Email is still one of the most popular services because 78.94% of students and 64.58% of faculties used this service for less than 1 hour. While 66.66% of faculties and 52.63% of students used Internet for study/teaching purpose. Students used Internet in the university library (63.15%) followed by commercial centres (42.1%) where as faculties used Internet to some extent in the library (37.50%) followed by office/department (33.33%).



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