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A Statistical Analysis of Cited Books Occurring in LIS Postgraduate Dissertations

Abstract The study examines the relationship between use of print and digital books in English and Farsi language Library and Information Science Dissertations. The measures of postgraduate student use of books in their dissertations were collected from 2001 to 2006, and using Tukey and Levene's HSD tests the data was weighed to test the citation behaviours among universities. The study population was chosen from all universities in Tehran holding high graduate courses in their schedules. Five universities were of this study's population and all dissertations related to LIS students supporting the study. The results supported the high use of print Farsi books versus print and digital English books; the researchers found no Farsi digital book use. For the case of measuring the relation of citations with the age of dissertations, the authors set three categories for dissertations: as the oldest dissertations were 6 years old and newest ones were 1 year old, so the authors divided 6 by 2 and thus 3 categories were generated: 1–2 years old, 3–4 years old, and 5–6 years old. It was found that there is significance between newest dissertations with digital English book use. In terms of interrelation of citation between universities dissertations, no significant correlation emerged.



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