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A Comparative study of Open source data repository software: Dataverse and CKAN

Research data management has been an important activity in perpetuity. Thus it is natural that greater attention is being paid in the academics and research institutions for the same and of late several platforms have emerged to support data deposits. Data repositories are the archives which hold research data and make them publicly available so that other researchers can reuse them for their re-purposing. Also depositing data in a repository ensures the long term preservation and availability. It may be important to know which type of repository and what kind of service best supports data repository. This study tries to evaluate the two data repository softwares-Dataverse and CKAN. The paper while delineating the general background about data repository and digital repository, it focuses on the importance of data repositories. The two softwares are discussed in general along with their features, followed by their evaluation based on some important identified criteria. The study concludes with the findings, along with preferential situation based on the software suitability



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